NZ Grading List

Squash NZ maintains a National Grading List that uses a logical grading structure which is aligned with international grading standards. Grading is a quick and easy way to understand how well-matched you are with other players from across NZ (or further afield!).

The concept is a simple one: Win, and gain points. Lose, and the points fairy takes points away. When you reach a points threshold, your grading changes.

All matches played at tournaments or interclub, with a referee and scorer, count towards grading list points. Your grading influences who you'll be drawn to play in tournaments, and determines which interclub and superchamps teams you're eligible to play in.

To be on the grading list you need to be a financial member of the club, with a minimum 6 months worth of membership (ie monthly and other short-duration memberships are not graded).

Becoming a Graded Player

After joining the club Click Here to register your membership on the Squash NZ list. Click on the 'Register' button, fill in all the fields, then click "Submit". A confirmation email will be sent to your email address with a link. Click the link to confirm your registration.

For those old enough to vote, our statistician, Natalie Berkett, will complete the grading process with you - contact her via email: 

New Junior players please contact Karen Roberts via email:

If you're a new player you'll be starting in F grade (J grade for Junior players). If you've got some experience (you've been playing ungraded, or you have in the past been a graded player, for example), Nat will arrange a session for you to have a hit with one of our senior players, who will make a recommendation on what grade you should be assigned. Nat will then complete the process, and you'll be able to enter tournaments and play in interclub competitions, as well as access your history on the grading list

For the Squash NZ Grading web page Click Here